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Ability to configure the e-mail address used to send e-mails from cPanel

Monarobase shared this idea 7 months ago
Needs Review

As a web-hosting provider, I would like to have the ability to choose the e-mail address that cPanel uses to send e-mails to customers (reset passwords, disk usage notifications, etc.) so that e-mails that are sent respect RFC standards. The RFC standards say that the "envelope from" address must be a valid mail box (i.e. one that can receive e-mail).

Currently cPanel sends e-mails to customers using cpanel@THEIRDOMAIN.TLD. But this means that customers don't always receive e-mail if their domain does not point to our server.

The current system has the following drawbacks :

- E-mails are not always received by the customers

- The server's sending IP's reputation is reduced

- If a third party anti-spam solution is used that checks if e-mails respect RFC standards then customers can't reset their passwords on their own and don't receive other notifications.

The solution we would like, would be to be able to allow WHM users to configure the e-mail used for sending notifications. Allowing the root user to configure a server wide configuration, and allowing resellers to configure their own e-mail if they don't want to use the one configured by root.

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