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Disable cPanel ELevate warnings

cPRex shared this idea 10 months ago
Needs Review

Some server admins may not be interested in, or may not have the ability to, upgrading to a new operating system. cPanel should provide a way to stop these warnings from being sent to the server admin.

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I agree. Whilst I have tested the elevate process on a standard OS install, personally I wouldn't take the risk of running this on a production cPanel server due to the potential impact of a failed upgrade, plus the downtime it causes. I'd rather have an option to mark this as read and not see it again, or not see it at all.


An now the stories are trickling into the cPanel Reseller community with customers who have, per cPanel recommendation, ran the ELevate upgrade crippling their server. It has never been our policy to do in place upgrades due to the problem that they cannot be reverted. We always encourage our customers to build new servers, and migrate via transfer tool. But now that there is a giant sign in cPanel that says "hey this works" we have to deal with the fallout of angry customers demanding downtime and refund compensation.

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