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Public facing server status page

Nick D shared this idea 7 months ago
Needs Review

I checked and I don't see any others like this request that's recent. But im going to make it as a whole new request.

So basically with all the coding available, the fancy new look of cPanel, other than us being root logged in or like others said with having to make exposed and leaking information, I push for cPanel to either take some of the high cost they are pushing on to us and be able to give us a public facing URL that we can work with to display things similar how to we can customize the favorites in WHM.

Hell you can do it in WHMCS, so why not apply some of that code to cPanel software and make it possible.

i.e or whatever you want to code it as, this way we can show off our hostname and also statuses like PHP, Apache, NGINX, DNS, MYSQL, FTP.

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