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WP Toolkit - PHP Update integration with CloudLinux PHP Selector

Dimitar shared this idea 5 months ago
Needs Review

As a web-hosting provider, I would like the WP Toolkit to have an integration with the CloudLinux PHP Selector. When the tool reports the use of outdated PHP release and you click on the "update" button, the system attempts to take you to the cPanel's MultiPHP Manager. If this feature is disabled for the cPanel user, becase the CloudLinux PHP selector is used instead, the system will throw the following error:

Internal Server Error: Failed to find available PHP handlers. Error: API request failed.

Response: {"apiversion":3,"module":"LangPHP","func":"php_get_installed_versions","result":{"messages":null,"status":0,"metadata":{},"errors":["You do not have the feature “multiphp”."],"data":null,"warnings":null}}

This only makes things complicated for the end-user and it generates more tickets for the host, while the purpose of using the WP Toolkit is the opposite. It should be able to check if the client's account is using the cPanel's MultiPHP Manager, or the Cloudlinux's PHP Selector and then take the end-user to the appropriate feature for selecting a newer PHP version for his account/website.

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