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WHM Option to Backup file you are about to change.

PbG shared this idea 5 months ago
Needs Review

As a System Administrator & web-hosting provider, I would like to see a WHM option to backup many files I am about to change using WHM. Often my decision to use CLI or WHM are swayed with how much prudence dictates backing up file I wish to modify using WHM first. Case in point I go into WHM to modify a DNS record however since I want to backup the first I have to use CLI. It would be nice to have the option to backup files I am actually changing in WHM before making/saving changes. This type of on the fly backup are not an option I would expect to see in the WHM interface to change server time. However whatever files a prudent administrator would normally backup before changing on a server could benefit from this option to do so in WHM. It gives administrator incentive to use WHM vs CLI more if that matters...

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