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Host Access Control - Importation facility/Other enhancements

Richard Bairwell shared this idea 5 months ago
Needs Review

When upgrading from CentOS to AlmaLinux using the very helpful and useful tool, I was not aware of the change in "Host Access Controls" to use nftables instead of the previous CentOS/RH hosts.allow/hosts.deny file.

As a System Administrator, I would like the ability to:

* Import hosts.allow/hosts.deny formatted files into the new nftables system (and have this part of the ELevate system) so that migration from previous settings is easier

* Export /Save the nftables configuration settings so that backups can be made and the settings can be copied easily to other servers

* When manually creating a new rule in the nftables Host Access Control, to be able to add multiple ports and IP addresses at the same time (for example, allow 80 and 443 from ALL instead of having a rule for each) so that it is faster/easier to configure HAC>

* Be able to enter "all" or "All" or "AlL" as the IP Address/CIDR (at the moment, only the capitalised ALL is accepted) so that system administrators do not have to worry about case sensitivity.

* Be able to attach comments/notes to each entry so that system administrators don't have to remember why things were configured like that.

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Also the ability to reorder the rules and use "alias ports" (i.e. "whostmgr" "sshd") as in the previous Host Access Control panel would be beneficial.

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