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5 nameservers

Mads Edelskjold shared this idea 7 years ago
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Currently we have 5 Name servers, for redundancy.

Those nameservers are placed in different contries than the webserver, and therefore the webserver are not a DNS server.

The problem is then, whenever we try to setup the nameserver under Server Configuration »Basic cPanel & WHM Setup (At the button) there's only 4 fields.

We have solved this by adding the NS record and A record, to the 5'th nameserver ourself, to the DNS template.

But this is showing the the ns05 in their advanced dns records, where the other 4 nameservers are hidden.

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I don't think this is a good idea, especially for shared hosting. It's hard enough for customers to get a couple of nameservers right without speling mistakes and so forth.

For redundancy, I'd recommend:

  • Use two (or more) TLDs registered with unique registrars
    For example, and - independent TLDs (ideally a regional TLD if you can, like .uk)
  • Use two nameserver hostnames per domain
    For example, and
  • Use GLUE and multiple A records to define two or more IPs per nameserver
    For example =, =,
  • Install/configure 4 cPanel DNS servers in a cluster like so:

This way, you end up with only two nameservers that your customers have to remember, but actually have 4 backend servers from independent TLDs and root nameservers. Taking it a step further, you could spread out your 4 physical nameservers over 4 locations and data centres for even greater redundancy.

You could of course add more nameservers to each record if you wanted to scale out further. You could add 3, 4 or more IPs to each nsX record. Or, you could add up to 4 nsX records each with 2+ IPs.

We use this principle of configuration for our own DNS cluster. We have 4 customer-facing nameservers (ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4) on different TLDs, and then each record has 3 backend IPs and unique servers behind it. This gives us usable 12 nameservers in total.

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