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A More Secure User Authentication : GATE [Graphic Access Tabular Entry]

Frank Ni shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a cPanel User & Sys Admin, I would like to have a more secure user authentication, so that the safety of the account is exponentially increased.


[ Problem ] Nowadays there are requirements for passwords that make them hard to remember : lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters, yet they are still prone to hacking. Current password system has the following problems and is too weak.

[ Solution ] GATE [Graphic Access Tabular Entry], an interception-resistant authentication system.

GATE is an interception-resistant user authentication system, which means even if someone intercepts/sees you when you log in [ assume he sees/records every detail of your authentication ], he still won't know what your password is, there are detailed info, demo and videos the sites below.

GATE can use short and easy to remember passcodes to defeat peeking, keylogging, phishing and dictionary attack. I wonder what you think about this new technology and if there is any use for it.

The GATE system offers a much better digital security. Anywhere there is a need for access control, there is a need for the GATE system, including but not limited to : door access, safe box, PC, mobile phone, web login, ATM, weapons system, facilities [ infrastructure ] ...

Info site :

Live demo site 1 : [ data saved ]

Live demo site 2 : [ data deleted over night ]

In the past year it has won 5 international cyber security awards.

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