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A Single Email for Reseller Account Suspension Please

Breeze Alade shared this idea 6 years ago
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Hi! Considering the high rate of Email Service Provider throttling these days, especially with yahoo and outlook, I think it might be a better idea to send a single mail to resellers when their accounts get suspended/unsuspended in cPanel.

As it is now, a reseller with 200 domains will get at least 200 emails when their account gets suspended and another 200 emails when unsuspended, (and that's if you're not using whmcs) and this counts towards an IP address hourly limits (and eventual daily limits) with these free email providers.

I agree that 200 emails at once would shake them up and encourage them to pay up ASAP, but right now, a single email notifying them that ALL their accounts have been suspended will help mitigate these rate limiting issues.

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