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Ability to add custom paths where restorepkg/WHM Restore will look for valid cpmove archives

cPanelBrianO shared this idea 10 years ago
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[This feature request came in through customer request via our ticket system.]

As a server administator, I would like to be able to add custom paths to a configuration that /scripts/restorepkg & WHM's restore feature will reference when seeking valid cpmove archives to allow easier restorations.

The desire for this behavior comes from users pulling in backups from other servers/systems and wanting to stage them out of /backup instead of (for example) /home when using restorepkg. With the new backup system, they may want to have staged the backup in /backup instead of the granular path that a new backup would generate for that user.

As it stands, restorepkg & WHM's restore feature will only look in very specific locations. The customer bringing this up would like to be able to add custom location(s) that restorepkg & WHM's Restore feature will reference when looking for valid cpmoves.

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Or just have the new system looking /backup/cpbackup/*, or whatever the new path is, for folders containing backups, as it works now with the legacy system.

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