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Ability to allow shared SSL on hostname based subdomain instead of username

Monarobase shared this idea 8 years ago
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cPanel currently allows shared SSL based on username with the following format :

I would like to have an option to replace this with subdomains as cPanel now supports SNI SSL

With this option enabled, shared SSL URL's would be :

This would allow htaccess files to play well with the user's account.

This would allow hosts to make use of wildcart SSL certificates

A host would just have to point * to the servers IP address.

That would give access to the webmail when a user only has access to standard ports.

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I like this idea as well. I have not done much looking into the new SSL functionality included in newer releases but if this is not a feature it should be.


It's really important to have a replacement for userdir for temprorary URL and SSL access...

1. SSL could really be used properly which is not always possible with userdir and it looks very ugly

2. Bandwidth on temporary or SSL URL could be mesured and calculated properly for every user account

3. Temprorary URL and shared SSL could be used with Fast-CGI

Since most wildcard SSL certs usually support only one subdomain level, suggestion in this feature request should be altered in that part, so we actually should use a dash instead of dots for those subdomains, or maybe just to add username as subdomain on a server hostname instead entire domain name. For example...


In both cases wildcard cert should be bought for each server * for this to work properly, or if cert support multiple subdomain levels it could be bought only for *.host.tld and used for multiple servers.

I would like to hear if anyone have a better suggestion for this.

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