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Ability to change default FTP port

Amit K shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a cPanel User and VPS administrator, I would like a feature to allow users to change FTP port other than default 21 to increase security and prevent blind FTP access attempts.

Currently, it can be done by changing the port number for Bind parameter in the following files:



However, the changes get lost with cPanel updates.

Just wondering if editing etc/ssh/sshd_config to change the default SSH port is allowed then why the changes in above those two files aren't respected or are overwritten.

The requested feature helps to prevent a number of attacks on the server.

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You can change SSH port, cPanel won't touch this file. I have several cPanel servers with different SSH port. But don't forget to edit iptables or firewalld rules, or at least, have a KVM access (console) to the server, if any error.

I receive, every week, lots of scans in FTP port. Ok about cpHulk but a different port will help to protect and use less resources.

Change the default cPanel and WHM ports would be good too...


If you change the ftp config from console, you need to follow this guide:

The sshd_config file isnt touched by cpanel after upgrades, you dont need to worry about lose your custom config.

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