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Ability to choose default files on creation of directory

Ben Ravetta shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a web hosting provider, I would like to see the ability to add default files into directories on creation, similar to what web templates do now, but more advanced, so that I can host files and CSS/dependencies and run PHP.

EXAMPLE: I am selling a domain name. I create addon domain from my cPanel account, instantly this creates default files in the domains root directory allowing me to display a PHP contact page customized to the particular domain without the need to alter it in any way. Without the need to open FTP and deposit files after addon creation, without the need to use web templates to disrupt every other account.

Perhaps as a .zip upload option when creating an addon domain that then extracts the files automatically and discards of the .zip afterwards.

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While not a specific interface that allows you to do this, you could accomplish this action with a post-account-creation hook. You can read about standard hooks in our Developer Docs.

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