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Ability to manage CloudLinux settings in the Package manager

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 9 years ago

As suggested by DavidG, I'm opening a new thread about being able to manage CloudLinux settings in the package manager.

Currently Cloud Linux allows you to choose %CPU, Memory per user and in the future will allow you to also limit IO.

I would love to be able to set limits per cPanel plans in WHM in the package manager.

Currently CloudLinux devs can't do this themselves because the necessary hooks don't exist yet.

My request is to either add the necessary hooks so others can develop these settings or for cPanel to develop these settings so that CloudLinux users can change their plans to include %CPU, Memory and later IO limits.

CloudLinux provides simple commands to change these settings so it would not be much work to add these settings to the current package manager for CloudLinux users.

Original thread:

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I opened this feature request some time ago. cPanel never got round to implementing it.

Cloudlinux now allows us to associate settings with packages so I'm not sure this feature is still required.


very nice feature! is this available on cPanel?


It is currently possible to set per-package limits in the CloudLinux LVE manager in the packages tab.


Given that the opener of the request sees it as resolved, I'm going to go ahead and mark this one as resolved. If you disagree or have any other requests around this, feel free to open a forums thread, or send me an email:

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