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Ability To Monitor Hardware Temperature & Health

MesinHosting shared this idea 8 years ago
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hello cpanel.

straight to the head. on window we know some software to monitoring

or maintenance hardware, such as HWMonitor, Defraggler, and other. on

linux we know that we have lm-sensors. or Psensor for the debian.

i think it's will be great if cpanel can also provide Hardware

Health monitoring such as CPU Temprature Monitoring, RAM temperature Monitoring, Mobo temperature monitoring, Hard Disk Temperature Monitoring.

and also other Hardware Health monitoring for my cpanel server?

becouse i think this is maybe usefull for the server owner to monitor the hardware health and temperature on their server.

i'm also made thread on cloudlinux os forum about this feature

what do you think ????


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To set expectations accordingly on this request, I would say that it is unlikely that we will delve into writing and developing our own proprietary hardware monitoring software. What would be more realistic for the scope of cPanel & WHM would be to provide support for integrating with existing monitoring software.

For example, it is unlikely that we would write our own drive monitoring software. It is more realistic that we would consider supporting integration with existing software like "smartctl" to automatically aggregate and report drive health information.

Therefore, continued input in this feature request on what software you think would be valuable to integrate with would be information worth having within this request.

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