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Ability to quarantine emails rather than reject for emails with high spam score.

Jed O'Donnell shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like the ability to quarantine emails that have been marked with a high spam score, so that these emails can be reviewed manually and action can be taken (deleted and removed or resubmitted for sending if not spam).


I want the ability to quarantine emails alongside the usual, reject and deliver. I want my users to be able to have high-spam-score emails be quarantined so that they can review the emails and delete / mark as non-spam and put back in the email queue for delivery to mailbox. This should be available on a per-mailbox basis, within the control panel under the emails tab. E.g. a 'Quarantine' page where you would list all created mailboxes, of which, you can go into individually.

The filtering rules page should also be updated to allow emails to be moved to quarantine if matching a set of specifications.. e.g. blacklisting rather than rejecting.

Example, quarantined emails get sent to a separate IMAP mailbox for the recipient mailbox. this mailbox is access from the cpanel 'Quarantine' interface and emails can be deleted or trained as non-spam.

There should also be a default option added to the tweak settings page for the number of days to keep emails in the quarantine before automatic removal. This could also be useful if there is a domain level option to overwrite this default to the user's requested number of days.

The total amount of space used by quarantined emails should be added to the disk space used.

If there are any more details I think of that may be of use, I will post a reply.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this, please post a reply.

Thank you very much.

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We should also be able to set the spam score quarantine threshold.

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