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Ability to reject messages at SMTP time when mailbox full

Owen Rudge shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like an option added to the Mailserver Configuration interface that would provide me the ability to reject messages at SMTP time (rather than having a bounce message generated) when an email or cPanel account has reached its quota, in order to reduce load on the server due to processing those messages.

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This option is available in the Mailserver Configuration section inside of WHM

If you select " Reject the message permanently. [ ? ]", the messages will be rejected at SMTP time.



As per - it seems that what happens is a rejection e-mail is generated by Dovecot (I think?) and bounced back to the sender; rather than the sender receiving a rejection at SMTP time (without a separate bounce being generated). The problem with the current setup is that if a user's mailbox is full, every e-mail they then receive (including spam) receives a bounce, often causing backscatter and in some cases getting our servers blacklisted

Possibly this isn't the intended behaviour and there is actually a bug, but it seems to be what is happening. The suggestion in the topic was to open a feature request however. I'll double check the behaviour on our servers again too.


Hi Owen,

Looks like we have a bug. The localuser_overquota and virtual_user_overquota both have the no_verify flag set so they won't be evaluated until later in the delivery process. I've opened case CPANEL-11493 to have this corrected.

The fix for this case was published in v62.0.16

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