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Ability to search within files in the File Manager

kel shared this idea 7 years ago
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Having the ability to search within files in the File Manager more useful. There are many times where we've been trying to help a customer with a custom application and without being able to search for certain things like database connections, etc. we have to SSH into the server or copy the site to a local machine to search and troubleshoot that way.

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I would hesitate to build our own search engine - not our speciality - BUT if we can find a fast search tool out there that already exists, can search within files, and is licensed acceptable, then we can consider it.


What about developing a sort of gui for grep ? It would require parceing the results but it shouldn't be that difficult to get a list of files to display ?


Being able to "grep" through filesystems and trees when no `ssh` access is available is critical!

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