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Ability to send backup in multiple chunks to the remote server to avoid overload local storage

Vincent Doyon shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like cPanel to add the ability to split automated backups into smaller chunks, specifically when using a remote destination, to avoid exhausting local storage before backups are allowed to complete.

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I strongly upvote this feature request. My websites are huge, and at the moment one of the backups takes over 150GB and it always times out when transported to Google Drive...


This just bit us this week. What happens is CP backups are created locally for ALL accounts, the moved to the remote destination if you have one. Pruning after backup with a successful copy would be the logical way for me. What can happen is you will fill a disk FAST if for some reason the backup process breaks and doesn't prune. We just experienced this and lost 2 days of backups per a LONG ticket #93969084

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