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ability to specify system notification email address

James Hong shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like cPanel to allow the customization of system notification email addresses, allowing me to set them to a valid reply-to address or any other address of my choosing.

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I would like to add that the reason for this "feature" request is because our upstream SMTP provider started to perform reverse DNS check and our cPanel servers' notification emails are no longer going through.


I agree with this request and cant believe it's not actually possible. I had a user get a quota email notification and it came from cpanel@theirdomain . this obviously doesnt exist and since they had an autoresponder on i got an undelivered email reply about the auto reply.

I should also note that it can help to limit phishing schemes that may try to copy this format of cpanel@domain since every admin will have a different setting for the from email address now with this ability it will be easier to block phish.


Fully agree with the previous replies. The sender should be customizable within WHM for Resellers as well as root.

A lot of our users believe the notifications are phishing emails.

The deliverability is very poor and these emails are often marked as spam when users are using 3rd-party email services (Office 365)


I have gone through the same issue where emails were received to the Junk or Spam folders. Currently Gmail is rejecting to receive the emails coming from WHM as they have categorized it as spam. Some of the mails were not received for few months. I think this should be implemented quite soon.


it's really inconvenient not to be able to edit these addresses. I send all mail through Mandrill and they will not forward any of these messages since the domain is unsigned. Normally you can get the domain signed by creating an MX record and receiving a verification email but since i am on a VPS i have no control over the sending domain cPanel is using. If I could change this address to come from a different domain i would get the emails. Please get it fixed.


+1. I agree that deliverability is poor. Changing the From address would be great, and an SMTP option would be even better.

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