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Ability to virus scan email accounts individually

webmastergreg shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a system administrator, I would like the ability to virus scan email accounts individually so that in the event of a long or multi-account scan, the process doesn’t time out requiring a restart.



it would be really great to have the ability to virus scan email accounts individually rather than the whole email domain's directory.

With a huge amount of mails, the time to scan is way too long and so session always expires.

So we can't see the results because the progress bar is corrupt nor we must reload the page.

I think that a button just in front of each mail accounts would be the best choice.

But form the antivir plugin we could also have the list of all the email accounts and make the choice (checkbox involve here) as we already have the entire directory and all email account choices.

This apart we should have a button that leads to the last virus scan results.


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