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Ability to whitelist addresses that the autoresponder should never reply to

cPanelMary shared this idea 7 years ago
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There are many situations when this would be useful, including:

  • whitelisting ticket systems to avoid autoresponder loops
  • avoiding a messes like full queues or huge numbers of messages going to root when an account with an autoresponder gets spammed

I would further like to see the following features as part of this:

  • wildcard support so that user's can whitelist the emails that come from the cPanel ticket system
  • the Mail Daemon (<>) should be automatically added to the whitelist when autoresponders are created. It's ok for the user to be able to remove this entry, but it should be there by default, since you should never reply to the MailerDaemon.

Replies (4)


This seriously needs attention. The amount of autoresponder emails to mail-daemon is ridiculous for us.


Wildcard support would be great. donotreply* and do_not_reply* would cut down on a lot of the bounce cases.


I would also appreciate it if this became a thing.


The Autoresponder answers even on the mail delivery failed messages from the same server. I can't understand why this feature is not implemented already?

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