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Ability to whitelist specific files from being flagged as suspicious by ClamAV

spaceman shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a server administrator, I would like to be able to add specific files to an ignore/white list in WHM that would prevent ClamAV from flagging them as suspicious when I have deemed that the ClamAV warning is a false positive.

This would be comparable functionality to what's available via the CSF plugin to manage firewall settings, ignore lists, etc.

At the moment, the existing ClamAV functionality available via WHM is very limited.

I note that:

- Someone asked this exact same question here: - and was given the recommendation to raise this as a feature request by cPanelMichael.

- There is another, much broader ClamAV feature request here

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I would definitely like to vote for this update please after spending a difficult week wondering why a file was deleted every night and not being able to fix it without raising a ticket with Cpanel.

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