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About AWS S3 Backup Destination

Barry Dong shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I would like WHM to use the “PutObject” option only to transfer backups to S3, as a safety precaution for WHM to not remove any outdated backups.

As a systems administrator, I want to see more robust error notifications in the remote transport backup configuration so that “backup transport error” refers to when a backup is not delivered to it’s specified S3 bucket, and another message appears when WHM is not able to remove a remote backup from S3 (i.e. Backup prune/remove error”.


Hi there,

May I suggest an edit to the AWS S3 Destination for Auto Backup?

1. Currently the validation will fail if the destination could not be validated. Currently the validation requires all of put/delete/list privileges. However, for safety reason, sometimes I just want to make WHM has the "PutObject" right only. In that case, even if the server was hacked, the backup stored on the remote destination will not be deleted. We can always use S3 expiration rules (i.e. Life Cycle) to delete outdated backups. This will also prevent the current "Failed to Prune backup" email notification I am receiving every day (because it only has the PutObject right).

2. Can you change the icon of enable/disable? Currently they are currently the same and are confusing sometimes:


If possible, please make them like a radio switch so that people can easily know the current status?

Thanks a lot!

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