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Account search bar in WHM (AJAX based domain/user/etc search)

cPanelBrianO shared this idea 10 years ago
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(This is a feature being submit on behalf of a customer)

As a server owner, I would like a persistent search box (on every page) of WHM that acts as an account search box.

Whatever is typed in should be used as a partial or exact match amongst major account criteria. This includes searching through domains, usernames, contact emails, etc. The box should be AJAX based so that it searches as I type. Each itemized matched account should then link directly to its "Modify Account" page and (if the feature is enabled) a link to directly login to that cPanel user account.

This is functionality that I am used to from competitor control panels and would make the switch to cPanel & WHM that much smoother for my customers and me.

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