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Account Transfer with resyncronization

Will Harrison shared this idea 7 years ago
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If you want to move many accounts (or a whole server) this can take some time. If you are wanting to keep the same IP(s) as well then the switch over needs to be for every domain at the same time so every account needs to be resynchronized pre switch otherwise you could lose many changes. The express transfer does not really solve this issue.

We have had to create our own migration scripts to copy configurations, accounts, databases to new server using rsync. This is particularly relevant now there are many centos 5 servers to migrate to centos 7. Perhaps the account transfer tool could include a resync tool. This would also be useful when an account needs testing on the new server before DNS is changed.

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Basically, this feature should allow one to select usernames that exist on both the source and destination servers, rather than showing an error. When such a username is selected, the suggested Resynchronization option can be applied.

I would also like to suggest that the following checkboxes be made available in relation to this resynchronization feature:

- Resynchronize home directory

- Resynchronize databases

- Resynchronize all other data (valiases, etc.)


Nice if we could retrigger it as required via a cron job too.


If you're moving the whole server then you can just turn off DNS cluster on the new server and transfer the accounts without changing DNS.

Then at the appointed time sync them again but click force in gui (or with skipaccounts=1 force=1 through whmapi1) to sync everthing again.

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