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Add a way to disable or configure the alert lead time for SSL Certificate expiration warnings.

Nick Horvath shared this idea 9 years ago
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Currently CPanel begins sending periodic alerts when a SSL Certificate is within 30 days of expiration. This alert is sent to all server contact methods and does not seem to follow any configuration in Contact Manager. There appears to be no way to disable this alert or change the length of time that is left on the certificate before alerting.

I use for certificates because they are a free signed certs with a root cert in the major browsers. However, they don't allow renewal until 14 days before expiration. As a result, I'm being spammed by cpanel every couple of days and can't do anything about it. CPanel support could not find a way to alter or disable the alerts. I wouldn't mind just a simple disable alert switch because, like many certificate providers, they provide thier own email alert when a certificate is close to expiration.

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I also use StartSSL (with the 14 day renewal period), so having these notices cluttering my inbox every day is not helpful. I found that 30 days is set in /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts

  1. Cpanel::SSLCerts::checkForExpiredServiceCrts( 1, 30 );

But I am sure that if I change it the next update will bring it back.


Now that we are providing SSL certificates to every customer, the alerting from cPanel about expiring domain names definitely needs to be looked at again. I just worked a trouble ticket where a customer's SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt had expired, due to a rate limiting issue. I had no notification about this certificate being expired (unless I'm missing something?)

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