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Add a way to set default theme for phpmyadmin.

PCZero shared this idea 10 years ago
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One can manually set the default theme for phpmyadmin by adding a parameter to (e.g. $cfg['ThemeDefault']= 'original';) , but it is overwritten (actually deleted) on the next update. I prefer the original theme to the glossy (for lack of better term) 'new and improved' theme. Having an option in WHM to set the theme would keep admins form having to manually add the line to the config file on every update.

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Many admins prefer the original theme for phpMyAdmin to the new glitzy one. Adding a parameter to allow the server admin to set the default theme would be straight forward and if it is written so that it defaults to the new theme, only those of us who want to use the original would ever have to make any changes. It gives everyone what they want and only makes those who want something other than the current default take any action at all.

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