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add a wildcard certificate as a shared certificate on the server

ismywb shared this idea 8 years ago
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I would like to be able to add a wildcard certificate as a shared certificate on the server, so that it's automatically suggest to users creating SSL hosts covered by the CommonName of this wildcard certificate.

I understand CPanel now allows wildcard certificate on a user level, but this forces us to update the certificate on every user as we renew the certificate.

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This would be great, we could then allow users to create subdomains on the server hostname and the could have SNI SSL support using the shared certificate.

More and more apps require or suggest SSL (twitter, faceboox…) whereas alot of scripts aren't compatible with the /~username/ url's because htaccess donesn't work.

We could then use the WHM API or hooks to automaticaly setup a shared SSL subdomain for each user and advertise true shared SSL.

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