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Add ability to "do not delete dns" when terminating reseller and their accounts.

electric shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a web-hosting provider, I would like the ability to not delete DNS when terminating reseller and their accounts so that it is possible to more easily "clean up" an old server after moving a reseller and their accounts to a different server within the same DNS cluster.

For example, right now.. we use the Transfer Accounts utility to move a reseller and all their accounts to a different server. The problem is that after this is completed.. we need to remove the reseller and all their accounts from their old server, which is still attached to the DNS cluster.

If we use the "Terminate Reseller" utility in WHM… this removes the DNS for all accounts. Not good. We need a checkbox/option to "preserve DNS" on this page, just like there is the option to preserve DNS on the "Terminate an account" page. This way, the DNS for all the reseller's accounts are left alone when the accounts are removed from the reseller's old server.

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