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Add ability to have bandwidth/disk quota warning messages according to different locales

Ganga shared this idea 10 years ago
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Hello friends at cPanel,

My company has a mixture of clients, mostly Italian.

At the moment, because of the extremely low level of understanding of the English language from the average Italian customer, I am forced to edit the templates here:


and then copy them to /var/cpanel/templates to avoid them being overwritten by future updates.

Although this solution works well and has eliminated tickets from Italian customers just to ask for what the apparently incomprehensible English message meaning was, it is not an ideal solution for hosts who have customers beloning to different language backgrounds.

An Italian message, in fact, is ideal for my Italian customers, but looks odd and very distant to an English speaking customer.

It would be a great idea, in my humble opinion, if cPanel gave us the possibility to have multiple versions of those template messages in different languages, so as to make them easy to understand by international customers.

This could either be differentiated according to the different cPanel's locales (although we personally prefer RVSKIn's own Italian locale to the standard Italian one which we have personally contributed to improve) or perhaps a better solution would be to add a drop-down menu like "Language for the warning messages" during Account/Package creation so to make it compatible even with third-party locales!

I would like to start the "bowl rolling" as it were, I believe it would be a very much appreciated feature by hosts who have customers coming from countries where the general level of English comprehension is very low.

Thank you, cPanel, for allowing me to express my opinion.

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I would add to your opinion, give us the opportunity to create a personalized page for all at the reviews. So we would have the posibility of making any notice in two languages ​​and add the information, how to contact us.

This is the same as 401,402,403,404 pages ... which are customizable.

thank you,

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