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Add ability to "save" desired language for each email account (For webmail pages)

electric shared this idea 7 years ago
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We have many customers who have email accounts for people who are from various different countries. Each email account user might want to have a different language than the one that is selected for the cpanel of the parent account.

Currently, when an email account user goes to the webmail login page, they can select a different language by clicking on one of the language links at the bottom of the login page. However, it would be very nice if their language choice could be "saved" with their email account settings on the server, so that they don't have to change the language each time they login.

So, even if they don't select click to change to a different language... when they enter their email account login un/pw, the webmail system will automatically see their saved language setting and switch all the webmail pages (filters, pw change, config pages, etc) to their saved language.


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If the user's browser is already set for the preferred language, and we offer that language, then the login UI will default to the language. This language will carry through to the cPanel, WHM, and webmail UIs. See for a more technical description.

By relying upon the user's browser configuration there should be less need to require the user to select a specific language, either on the login UI, or after login.

If the user does click a language on the login UI, that choice is saved in a cookie, which is preserved across sessions.

I could see the current behavior failing if a user routinely deletes his cookies, or regularly switches browsers or systems. In such situations having the ability to save preferences as part of his email account would be useful.

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