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Add additional screens request - DNS Only version of cPanel

stevetoza shared this idea 10 years ago
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There are some useful WHM screens that are missing in the DNS-Only version of cPanel. To add these into the DNS Only version would add a lot of value.

For example:

  • Server Time
  • Change Hostname
  • Resolver Configuration
  • Forceful Server Reboot
  • Graceful Server Reboot
  • Server Information
  • Service Status
  • Background Process Killer
  • Process Manager
  • Show Current Disk Usage
  • Show Current Running Processes

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Security adviser would be useful too.


Definitely useful, and wouldn't "remove" value from the full version either.


Also, update preferences and database options, for example, turn off MySQL (if you're not using it for cPHul and whatnot) or upgrade to MariaDB. I currently have a feature request for this here as well:


Forgot about eximstats and other logs/analytics tools also. Was just going back and forth with a technical support rep on whether the stats services for mail should be on DNSONLY servers, and apparently, they do have it enabled by default to help track down malicious mail activity on your server. However, I mentioned that an admin wouldn't even be able to see the stats just by using WHM alone. They'd have to log in via SSH and look at the stats in MySQL. So, having those pages back on DNSONLY servers would be nice.

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