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Add AJAX to auto responders page

NetVicious shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like AJAX added to the auto responders page so that we can open autoresponders in new tabs allowing us to do modifications on a one-by-one basis.


At this moment on the Auto Responders page the edit button of each auto responder it's really one html button with a javascript event. That disables it to open it in a new tab within the browser "open link in a new tab" menu.

This blocks a feature we could use to open in new tabs all the auto responders we need to modify and do the modifications one by one later.

Now we only have the option to edit one auto responder at a time, and when we finish the modifications clicking on the back link we will go to the first page of the auto responders list. It doesn't remembers the configuration of how many elements we want to see on each page, or in which page we were after clicking on the edit button. We get the same problem when we go back on the delete auto responder page...

I think we need a bit of AJAX as we got time ago on the new mail address management page.


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