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Add an account logs menu in cpanel

Monarobase shared this idea 9 years ago
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Hello, we would like our clients to have access to full logs about their account activity.

This feature would allow cpanel users to see a history of successfull logins but also see any activity on their cpanel account.

Things like creating, deleting or changing a password for an e-mail address should be logged, changing dns records, creating, modifying or deleting an ftp account, adding an addon domain etc.

Every action should be logged and stored in a database in order to provide users the ability to know what changed, when it changed, what IP changed it...

This could cause confidentiity issues in some countries, so we would need to be able to choose for how long this logs are kept from never(disabled) to unlimited.

This would also be very usefull for admins, when users say they didn't change their password, or to know what a hacker changed when he got the users password (adding subdomains, changing e-mail account passwords...).

Some of this information is available in thé log files but most isn't and we would like to have an easy to use tool inside the web interface

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