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Add ANAME records to the DNS zone editor

ethical shared this idea 4 years ago
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I think the subject says it all. If we wanted to still use our OWN Nameservers yet point a sites root (apex) domain to a CDN we need ANAME record support. Please consider adding this in.

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Should be possible to implement ALIAS according to PowerDNS docs:

Use case scenarios are for example, Cloudflare and Heroku. There are many more, but these are the services customers are asking about all the time.

I understand that CNAME flattening is something that only Cloudflare and DNSSimple does provide today. Maybe there are some other providers aswell, but not many.

So having cPanel support this would make a huge advantage and also bring back customers we loose because of this.


We are also using, and due to cPanel not supporting CNAME Flattening/ANAME records, we had to move our DNS over to Ideally I would have preferred to keep my DNS at my hosting provider, but was forced to move DNS because this feature is missing in cPanel.

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