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Add and Remove Optimize Website in Feature Manager

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 9 years ago
Already Exists

Add "Optimize Website" to Feature Manager

Currently, when mod_deflate is installed on a server, the "Optimize Website" icon is displayed and cannot easily be hidden as it does not appear in Feature Manager. This request is to add "Optimize Website" to Feature Manager so it can be hidden from the cPanel interface.

Disabling this icon will not prevent users from modifying their .htaccess files to enable this functionality manually. The intent of this feature request is largely to prevent customers from needlessly consuming large amounts of server resources, because, after all, who wouldn't want to optimize their website?

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Hey Nathan,

I've come across quite a number of web hosting company that do not allow this function to be turned on at all - they said the speed that we gain from such function is not worth the resources that it chew up from the server, how true is that???

Or is that their polite way of saying "NO"?


Robin Ooi


This feature request has actually been completed. Look for the 'Optimize Website' feature item in the Feature Manager. (I apologize, but I don't know what version this ACL was added to the product.)

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