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Add country to cPHulk History Reports "Failed Logins" report

David Cusimano shared this idea 5 years ago

As a System Administrator, I would like in cPHulk's "History Reports", the "Failed Logins" report to also show the country (currently only shows the IP), so that I know which country the failed login is from so that I can then decide whether to blacklist that country. Perhaps link the country to the "Countries Management" tab (make it automatically search for that country). Thanks.

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We are tracking this as CPANEL-20483 We expect to be able to deliver this in v74



This was added to the product with cPanel & WHM Version 74! It's in EDGE right now and aimed at CURRENT later in July or early August. If you're curious, set up an EDGE server (instructions on our blog) and give it some testing!


cPanel & WHM Version 74 has reached the CURRENT tier! Update now to see this in your WHM interface.

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