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Add Domain Aliases In Bulk

Rob Barbour shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I'd like to be able to add domain aliases in bulk via CSV/textarea, so I can quickly create multiple aliases in a short amount of time.

I needed to add thousands of domain aliases to one of my sites, so I had to code my own php solution. Running this took forever and I had tons of issues along the way.

I suggest adding both of these:

1. Textbox for up to 500-1000 domains to process

2. Upload a CSV

This would allow everyone to easily add many domain aliases and would likely cut the creation time down dramatically.

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While this interface doesn't exist inside cPanel, you could script something to handle this for you using the following API call:


Correct - and what I had to do, but makes far more sense to include IMO.


This would primarily be for cPanel, but could also be included within WHM for admins to use.

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