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Add files owned by nobody to quota in user account area

jpenner shared this idea 8 years ago
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The ability to include all files in the user's account space that are owned by nobody in the disk usage quota. This is especially important to servers not running suexec.

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If you use suphp, fastcgi, mod ruid or lsapi users shouldn't be able to create files owned by nobody… If you need the quotas for shared hosting, you shouldn't rearly be running PHP with nobody user as PHP can then modify any files owned by nobody and it encourages users to change their file chmod to 777.


First, don't use mod_php or any other configuration that runs user-owned content as the 'nobody' user. On multi-user systems that's asking for trouble. See monarobase's comment for a couple reasons.

Second, are you looking for reporting of disk usage, or enforcement?

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