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Add multiple apache Listen directives into global httpd.conf from SSL Host Manager

David Yoder shared this idea 10 years ago
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My server hosts several domains with separate IPs as VirtualHosts--some with SSL and some without. I currently need to manually maintain separate "Listen <ip:443>" directives in pre_main_global.conf with the TweakSettings set to (instead of in order to shutdown a global listen directive for all IPs. I would like an include file for httpd.conf that has an automatically generated list of IPs from the SSL hosts management and add these Listen directives there. The current behavior is broken out of the box for me--port 443 listens but serves plain http (non-SSL) for domains that aren't supposed to have SSL enabled.

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This should also allow for a user defined IP address pool to be used by Cpanel. In my case I need to exclude at least one IP address for use with a third-party proxy that listens on port 80.

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