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Add option to limit zone updates to account IP when "changing site's IP address"

cPanelMary shared this idea 8 years ago
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As a server owner, I would like to be able to change the IP of an account that has modified their zone file to point their domain off server without that customization being altered. When I make this update, I do not want cPanel to update the DNS zone records that do not correspond to the IP already assigned to the account by cPanel.

Currently, if cPanel sees that there are different IPs in the zone file and in httpd.conf, when using "Change Site’s IP Address" it will update the zone file to replace all instances of both IPs with the new IP.

I would like to have this option for both WHM Home »Account Functions »Change Site’s IP Address and the API call setsiteip.

In the WHM Interface, this could be implemented by checking for inconsistant IPs when loading the page, and then displaying a checkbox to "change all ips" or "force all ips to the new ip" that is selected by default so the current default behavior is not changed.

In the API call, this could be an additional optional setting, like "allips" that defaults to on so that the current behavior is not changed.

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This is a good post, and informative. But since I don't know much about all the technical stuff that goes into a computer or IP addresses I just leave that to <a href='' ></a>, they always do a much better job than me and it saves me the headache of doing it myself.


This makes total and complete sense. I need to work on this because I haven't been able to switch my IP and have this also not effected. The tips will work for sure.

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