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Add Quota and Disk Used totals to List Accounts page

LukeDouglas shared this idea 8 years ago
Already Exists

On the WHM Accelerated - WebHost Manager, it would be extremely helpful

to have totals listed below the last listing for the Quota and Disk Used

columns on the List Accounts page. It is inconvenient to export the

list into a CSV and import into Excel just to get totals.

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I have some concerns regarding this feature potentially adding confusion to the List Accounts page. Given that this page may list only a subset of the server's accounts (the default is to list 30 accounts per page) I can see it introducing confusion where the total displayed is incorrectly assumed to always be the aggregate total of *all* accounts on the server (even those not displayed).

I would like to see further feedback and discussion on this to demonstrate demand and use case situations for this and any other potential alternate venues for displaying that same information.


No concerns. Whether the page shows just 30 or 3000 websites, just give us the total. Or give us a Disk Space / Bandwidth Status page that compares our current usage and our quotas.


Quota and Disk used totals do already appear on the List Accounts page. Does this satisfy your request?

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