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Add Reseller Permission to Restrict access to "LVE Settings / Package Extension" on Package Add/Edit

cPMatthewV shared this idea 7 years ago
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Resellers currently have the ability to see and "add/edit" LVE Settings on Packages under the Package Extensions section when creating a package or editing a package. However after additional research was performed it appears that despite this section being visible to resellers on package creation that they actually cannot set these limits and are ignored according to CloudLinux's documentation.

Because of this users would like the ability to prevent resellers from having access to the LVE Settings, since it cannot be set and is confusing and would prefer they automatically get forced to the defaults in the background.

Further they may also wish to have an ACL to restrict access to package extensions altogether.


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That idea is pretty good and necessary!

It does not make any sense to have a LVE Settings menu in resellers account , which does not work.

Also it would be better if that option could be disabled for resellers.

Actually we are a hosting company and we offer shared hosting services. It will be absurd for us to have resellers who are able to edit LVE settings оn their own.

We would be thankful if you develop an option to make LVE Settings menu hidden for resellers.

Thank you.

SuperHosting.BG Team


I believe Cloudlinux are working on reseller limits, so we can specify how much cpu each reseller can use. When this happens this section might be nice to have, however it must only be availble if reseller are allowed to edit limits in some way.


It does not make any sense, you enter LVE and limit a reseller, now this reseller opens LVE and its users and packages can assign more than the limit assigned to their reseller account.

example: To the account / user reseller you put 2GB ram in LVE, but now from its WHM it can create packages of 4GB RAM: /.

You should let you create Plans or consumptions up to your RESELLER USER LVE LIMIT

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