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Add server wide IP address or IP range to SPF email authentication configuration

Peter Armstrong shared this idea 8 years ago
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Our mail server normally uses the main IP address of the server, but we recently had a spam problem and we changed the mail server to use an alternative IP address by editing /etc/mailips

This caused a problem for those cPanel accounts who had SPF checking enabled, because the new IP address wasn't listed on their cPanel. We had to manually add them. Also anytime someone creates a new account and enables SPF checking, it will add the server's main IP address but not check /etc/mailips for other IP addresses. This causes a problem.

I think there should be a facility for adding an IP address, or an IP range, to every cPanel account that has SPF checking enabled.

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Agreed but also allow to add includes so it's easy to add remove IP's from all records at the same time :)


I agree with this Feature Request; if custom_mailips in /etc/exim.conf.localopts is set to 1, cPanel should check to see if the server usese /etc/mailips. If it does, the IP set up as "*: " should be added to the SPF records instead of the server's main IP. I've actually worked up a solution to this that modifies 3 cPanel perl modules and have verified that it works in a testing environment:




I've attached the solution, perhaps it could be taken into consideration since I've done most of the footwork.


That is would save us the time.

Please cPanel, do consider and implement this.

Any chance we could get it any time soon? When?


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