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Add sogo as alternative webmail and calendar/contacts provider

Elías Torres shared this idea 6 years ago
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Consider adding SOGo to cPanel as webmail and shared calendar/contacts provider.

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We are currently looking into soGo it seems to be fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook e-mails, calandars and adress books. It's also free with optional paid support.

Seems very nice, cPanel should check this out !


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Currently we are planning to focus in on the webmail experience in a future release. It would save us quite a bit of time to have a researched list of all webmail/groupware projects the community is interested in so that we can evaluate each in turn.

To the best of our knowledge, the single most popular webmail application in cPanel is Roundcube. As a result, we've invested in the successfully funded IndieGogo campaign to bring the next major version of Roundcube to the world.

Our interest in providing groupware functionality (calendars and contacts) is brand new as of about a year ago and any-and-all feedback on that functionality is very welcome.


I use the Roundcube.But I tested the sogo and I liked it a lot if it was implemented as an alternative I would use without doubts


Sogo has improved quite a lot since this feature request was created. Sogo version 3 has a very nice web interface with with a minimalist material design and angular.

They are compatible with Microsft Exchange up to version 2016 which would be very nice to have.

Sogo now looks better than the current version of Roundcube and supports a much larger list of devices and software.

Demo is here :

User : sogo1 Password : sogo 1

User : sogo2 Password : sogo 2

User : sogo3 Password : sogo 3


I agree that SOGo is a great option, I personally use Roundcube because it have a nice look not because is functional, Calendars and contacts can not be in sync with Outlook, Thunderbird and other PC side clients, not to mention mobile phones.

It's very important to provide ActiveSync support provided by SOGo or Horde (Except the version included in CPanel) not only CardDav/CalDav/Ical support because it's complicated for final user activesync is simple one step configuration, not to mention that it's supported native in Android devices.

So if Roundcube will fully support those features go for it, if it's not the case will not be useful.

I run various WHM Servers in our datacenter for our customers and not having activesync is making us lose some customers, CPanel team please weak up and go for SOGo or improve Horde with activesync and a nice skin.

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