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Add successful IP threshold limit to cPhulk

hbouma shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like the ability to define an alert/ban threshold of authenticated IP addresses in cPHulkD in order to block potentially compromised cPanel accounts.

For example, if I set a threshold of 3, and 4 different IPs all successfully authenticate to the same cPanel account within a short period, then I would like to see cPHulkD react as the account is likely compromised by hackers (especially if the IPs are geographically distinct). This is especially true when discussing a compromised email account. Once an email account becomes compromised, you'll often have quickly have 6+ IPs all using it to send out spam.

cPanel will then help stop accounts which have become compromised by hackers from being accessed as well.

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I think CSF already allows you to do this with their distributed connections limit feature.


It does, but not everyone (including myself) uses CSF. You could make a similar argument for most of cphulk's features (that it does what CSF does already) too...

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