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Add support in pkgacct to generate 7zip archives instead of tar/gzip archives to allow for encoding of non-ASCII filenames

duobilisim shared this idea 10 years ago
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Non English characters in filenames creating problems when storing in tar.gz file format.

For example file names contains Turkish or Hebrew characters in tar.gz archive. When you uncompress in Windows 8, you will see gibberish characters instead of real ones. (I think windows cant find correct encoding in tar.gz files but 7zip can determine on 7z files)

Normal zip format cant store chmod settings of files as far as i know but 7zip can. So one of archive type option can be 7z.

So there would be an option to choose archive type in Full Backups(Server wide).

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for more details check here:

Also i found out later, its not 7-zip, Winrar or Winzip related. Related with windows cant recognize encoding

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