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Add template variables to backup destination

Shaun Reitan shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like templated variables when configuring backup destinations including primary IP, short and long hostname, date and time, month, year, username and package type.


The below would apply to both the local destination and when configuring additional destinations.

When configuring backup destinations i'd like to see the "Backup Directory" support templated variables. For example, we tend to use directory paths like which would store the backups on the remote server into a directory named "". In our case that IP is the servers primary IP. If there was a template variable named IP we could set the backup dir to that template var. I could see other useful variables added as well.

I'd like to see template variables for things like

  • Primary IP
  • short and long hostname
  • day number and name
  • month number and name
  • year number
  • Account Username
  • Account Package

I'm just throwing out a few other template var ideas but I'd really like to see one for IP

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