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Add the Elastic skin to RoundCube

Maxime G. shared this idea 4 years ago
Needs Review

As a cPanel User (and web-hosting provider), I would like to use the Elastic skin on RoundCube. It provides a modern look and feel, is responsive (works on tablets, phones and computers).

It can be downloaded from GitHub: in /skins/elastic.

Although this skin could theoretically be installed by hand using a custom RPM, it lives in the official RoundCube repository, and several users/webhost might want to use it.

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Hi all! This request isn't one we're planning to implement. Instead, the plan is to upgrade to Roundcube 1.4, which includes the elastic theme. As such I'm going to mark this as not planned, but know that it will come with the upgrade to Roundcube 1.4. We're hoping to get that upgrade done this year.

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